Awesome Yukkuris are a very unique type of Yukkuri. You can tell the difference of regular Yukkuris and Awesome Yukkuris by finding an awesome face on their forehead. The Awesome Yukkuris are careful, they are worldly-wise and not selfish.

The Marisa/rude-acting types no longer act rude or evil. All Awesome Yukkuris are nice to humans and yukkuris alike.  None of the Awesome Yukkuris pull dangerous pranks that will hurt others, They will only pull basic harmless pranks. If you put an Awesome Yukkuri on your head you will not turn into a yukkuri unless you tell it to, it can also turn you back.

Awesome Yukkuris are born with power badges that allow them to inflict pain on those who are attempting to injure them, such as, if you try to punch them it will feel like you punched a wall of metal. There is also a badge that reflects projectiles. It can take the reflection badge off if it wants to play ball with its owner. There is a badge that will prevent it from getting burnt. There is also a badge that prevents it from melting in the water, the last one they have would prevent from getting sick by sour, spicy and bitter foods. Awesome Yukkuris will help Police Forces arrest criminals. Awesome Yukkuri Nitoris are immune to the "Creepy Effect". The Yukkuris crying moe will only work on rude people, which, with the power badges, they will beat the bad guy up. the neutral/nice people get a reverse effect where they will want to give them love and affection.

Triva Edit

  • The idea of Power Badges are based on Badges from Paper Mario
  • Awesome Yukkuri's are a little rarer than their regular types

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