Breeding Nonshitting Yukkuris
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Torture, yukkuri-on-yukkuri, human involvement, food abuse

"Breeding Nonshitting Yukkuris" refers to two different stories by Ammo following how yukkuris are conditioned to have specific behaviours by the factories.

Reimu FamilyEdit

At the beginning, there is a brief explanation of how the factory has facilities for training yukkuris to be kept as pets, as well as being made into food. In many different rooms, they are being kept under supervision 24/7.

A mother Reimu is lick~licking and eating some poo-poo from her 3 koyukkuris, who they say that it's dirty and she shouldn't be eating it. Mother Reimu says that she does not like doing it, but is doing so to save the babies. It's revealed these yukkuris are being bred in order to not Poo-Poo. Those that do, are killed. From 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m, the yukkuris are given large meals every 2 hours, and if any food is left uneaten,a family member is slaughtered. Onii-san,the caretaker, reguarly visits and spreads their food on the floor: dry, tasteless, and unappetizing. The family has forever been living like this, stretching their bodies to the limit. Those that cannot adjust die out quickly, so a new type of yukkuri can be created from them.

One of the koyukkuris is unable to take it anymore, and becomes visibily distressed. Mother Reimu lick~lick~s the koyukkuri to try and soothe the pain, but it poo-poos itself to death anyway. These yukkuris will never be saved, as the aim of this is not yukkuri that will hold Poo-Poo, but will not need to Poo-Poo. By encoding the fact that children that Poo-Poo are killed and cannot take it easy into the mother's paste core, this is possible.

With tears in her eyes, mother Reimu eats the Poo-Poo and her dead koyukkuri's corpse. The remaining koyukkuris ask her to restrain herself and not to die, but mother Reimu says she doesn't want any more babies to die and will eat the Poo-Poo, so the babies don't have to hold it in. She then throws up.

The next morning, the koyukkuris vow to not Poo-Poo for the sake of mother Reimu, and they share a heartwarming moment. Mother Reimu promises to protect her little ones from anything. This is quickly shattered as mister onii-san comes in, and sees the dead koyukkuri from yesterday. He gives mother Reimu a choice: one of her babies has to die, but she can choose which will meet their doom.

Mother Reimu begs for her little ones to be spared, all while the koyukkuris scream in the background. Unable to decide, onii-san decides to speed up the process by kicking mother Reimu against a wall. She again begs for the babies to be spared, but that she doesn't care for herself. Onii-san gets an idea, and says he won't crush them, on the condition mother Reimu closes her eyes and turns around. He then takes the koyukkuris, tapes their mouths shut and stuffs something into their anyarus so they can't poo-poo.

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