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For Great Justice IV
Alternate names
Trained to obey
Facteur Rien
Original story
Original language
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level
Rape, fight, cannibalism, torture with electricity

Report n°4.

Training to orders.

Since the last home invasion, I managed to repair all the things that the Yukkuris broke. Patchouli was a great help on this, noticing missing things that I didn't even notice. After 2 days, I reopened my yukkuri school, and I'm ready to greet more of those ungrateful bastards.

Yesterday, one of my best customers brought in a very strange yukkuri. I guess, based on a Factory's report, that this one is a yukkuri Kanako.

It's acting in a bossy way.

I tried to let it be taught by Patchouli yesterday, but this one doesn't listen to Patchouli and preferred to lead the class.

« You! Bring Kanako sweets! »

It's acting in a really interesting way.

Tomorrow, I'll bring it to The Chamber.

I put a electric floor in the yukkurium. I think it'll be useful, in order to follow my idea.

Well now, I'm in the Chamber. Kanako is not afraid. How strange. I thought that The Chamber was a legend among Yukkuris, but this one doesn't seem to know anything. I begin to question it.

-Do you know where you are? »

-Kanako's in an aquarium? »

-Yep. But this aquarium itself, do you know where it is? »

-It's a chamber? »

-Do you know anything about The Chamber? »

-Sanae said the Lady Kanako should not being afraid of The Chamber.

So that's it. You think your power will protect you from my mind-breaking skills? Anyway, let's begin the serious work.

I put a coin in the opposite side of the yukkurium.

-Can you go and bring me back this coin? »

-Do it yourself! »

-Would you kindly bring back this coin?

While saying that, I press the trigger to activate the electric floor.

-Yu?! »

-So? »

-Ka...Kanako won't bring you back something! Do it yourself! »

-Would you kindly...

Another electric discharge.

It took me 2 hours to realize. This Kanako won't be broken so easily.

Mmm. What should I do?

… I know. The Alices.

I take the Kanako while exiting The Chamber, and as I approach the Alice's hole, I say:

-Since you aren't a nice yukkuri, I'll punish you. I hope that next time, you won't be so bossy. »

-? »

And I throw her into the hole.

And I bring her back quickly into The Chamber. This little bitch began to attack the Alices with her « onbashira ». I don't where it took it, but a lot of Alice were hurt.

I throw it into the transparent cage, and I give it another electric shock. Just enough to knock it unconscious. Then, I take away her hair ornament.

-Without that, you won't be able to fire onbashira, right? »

-Give it back to Kanako! That's an order! »

-Would you kindly be more polite when you talk to me? »

Another shock.

-Aaarg! »

That won't do. This electric device... It can be used to create a new Pavlov's experiment.

But firstly, I need to break it before recreating it.

Fortunately, even if it hurt a lot of Alices, it has tendrils after all. Good. I can use them to break it.

I come back the next day. The babies are already ready. Just wait a little, and...

-Yu! This is city-sect's mwommy?


-It's this Kanako's mwommy?


The Kanako appears to not notice it's children. It's very unusual, and it's more complicated to me. How can I use children to break the Kanako if it's not interested by them?

I need to study more. Where is the Factory's report?

Okay, I get it. The Kanako is only interested by Yukkuri Suwako. This is the explanation of why it doesn't pay attention to children other than Suwako's.

I take the children. The Alices who seems to have a « city-sect » behaviour, I throw them to the Alice hole. The other ones, I give them to Patchouli, who's totally able to raise them as proper children.

And then, I go to the Factory.

I'm back, with a yukkuri Suwako. The poor creature is totally scared. I can't imagine how they act at the Factory. But I'm not like them. Not like them. Anyway, I say to the Suwako:

-I have just one bad thing I need you to do. After that, I'll let you take it easy. »

It's not answering. It's looking at me with frightened eyes. I feel sorry for the thing I'll make it endure.

-... »

Even as it's being raped by Kanako, the Suwako stares at me with scared eyes.

-... »

Even when the children are being born from eggs, it's staring at me.

Its children are born, so I take it to the Patchouli, and say to her:

-It's a yukkuri who comes from the Factory. I want you to let it take it easy, okay? »

Suwako is staring at me with grateful eyes, without saying anything. She'll smile, one day.

Back to business. Now, I have a plan, and I have the children needed. Let's take it easy.

During the night, I kill half of the children. 3 are left. 2 kanako, and a suwako.


-What? Can't Kanako sleep in peace? »

JUST AS PLANNED! They all begin to scream, shout, and cry. Just a little longer.

They stopped crying now. I get closer.

-What happenned? Why are 3 dead babies here? »

-Kwanako's don't knwow.... »

-So do Suwako's »

-So do me... »

… Great. So young, and already perverts.

I take the Suwako, and I say:

-Since Kanakos can't take it easy with Suwako, I take her! »

-What? But... Kanako can taje it easy. »

-No. Your mother already raped a Suwako in the past. Perhaps it's the same thing that happened here. »

All the children are now staring at Kanako.

-Is that twue, mwomy? »

-Did you not taje it easy with other mwom? »

-Did you kwill sisters? »

And so, the Kanakos begin to attack their mother. The Suwako is in a safe place, my hand, but it wants to fight too, so I put it into the arena.

Tha adult Kanako can't fight because the Kanako species use only their onbashira to fight, and a Kanako without an accessory can't use onbashira. It just jumps randomly, to avoid its children.

But, by accident, it lands on its Suwako child.

-Mwommy killed the last Suwako sister! »

-Mwommy can't take it easy! »

-Will you let yourself get killed by those little bastards? »

Finally, Kanako breaks. It kills its 2 last children.

Just a last little effort.

It's nearly totally broken. Just add cannibalism.

I leave it alone for 36 hours without food.

Finally, it's totally broken. Now, It's time to recreate its mind.

I put in a coin.

-Would you kindly bring me back this coin? »

It doesn't move. A little electric shock makes it move, but not in the right direction.

It's totally broken. I shouldn't have gone this far. Now I have to recreate it totally.

It took me 2 weeks to manage to make it talk.

-Kanako... want to go home. »

-You won't. »

-Kanako... will do everything you want... just let me go home... »

-All right. Would you kindly bring me back this coin? »

-Yes, sir. »

After 5 days of this training, I managed to make it obey any order which contains « would you kindly? ».

I give it back to its master with its hair accessory. It's not very happy, but at last, it obeys perfectly.

I have a satisfied customer, and a new Suwako.

End of my fourth report.

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