For great justice VII
Alternate names
Shapeshifter, birdbrain, and psychotic doll
Facteur Rien
26 February 2010
Original language
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level

Shortly after the incident with the Utsuho Yukkuri, this strange event happened to me.

It's difficult to speak about it since I really don't know if I was totally awake or not.

I'm a man of method and science. I act only after I used all the information I found. But this event is so...

Excuse me. I'll be short.

Well, I said it. It happened shortly after the incident with the Utsuho. The nuclear explosion destroyed the bastard's house and I heard that he died during the event.

Well, it's his fault my life was threatened and I wasn't paid, so I didn't cry on his grave.

I don't know how, but there were strange rumors coming saying that I was a bad coach for yukkuris. I guess I can't blame them. This dangerous yukkuri came out from my class, and yet she blew up her owner's house, killing her master.

So, I didn't get any customers, making my situation more dangerous. Money became a problem, especially with the new basement I built.

So I went into the Forest to find yukkuris, to sell them.

I went at 10:00, saying good bye to my mukyukurri. After 1 hour of useless hunting, the only yukkuri I found was a yukkuri Shizuha.

Having no other choice, I ate it. And God knows I hate pumpkin pie.

After this short meal, I went deeper inside the Forest. And it's at this time that I discovered a strange mansion.

Gothic style. Creepy during the night, but fine during the day. So, as I went in I thought:

-Since there are so many ghosts in this, I'm sure I'll find some valuable yukkuri. Perhaps it will improve my reputation.”

There really were a lot of ghosts. When I went in, the temperature suddenly fell by 10°.

Trying to make the least noise possible, I went further inside this mansion. My goal was to explore the area, and to avoid the ghosts. They are not dangerous, but they are freaking cold.

But I found something I wish I never found.

Bones and blood.

There was a impressive amount of bones. A little less blood, maybe because something liked it.

I went near the piles, and I tried to estimate the number of corpses.

But I found... a skull. Not just a skull, but... 5-6 of them. I puked. Because those were not adult's skulls, but childrens' skulls!

Childrens were lured into this mansion, and killed.

After that, I decided to capture the yukkuri who had done that. I wouldn't be able to sell it to a customer, but the Factory would be interested in a killer yukkuri.

And then I heard a noise. I got up and tried to walk, but something was in my legs and I fell on the ground. Then I heard:

-Congratulations for coming here!”

And I saw... a very odd yukkuri.

-Who is this yukkuri?”

I asked.

It answered:

-This yukkuri is Nue. What is Mister doing here?”

-I'm searching for the yukkuri who kills humans.”

While saying that, I prepared myself to jump and to crush it. If it was able to kill so many children, I thought it would be stupid to underestimate it.

-Congratulations! That's the Shanghai yukkuri's doing!”


A Shanghai? They are very dangerous, but also very rare. I guessed one of them would be enough to allow me to live for 3 months without work.

-Can Nue take me to Shanghai?”

-Nue's okay with that!”

I'll skip this part. This is not very interesting. You see, Yukkuris Nues are pranksters. I learned that while following this one. It make me walk, jump on the roof, crawl in the caves, and it was only when I said I'll die that it finally brough me to Shanghai.

The Shanghai was sleeping on some furniture. I climbed the furniture to get it while it was asleep, and to give it some sleeping medicine.

But Nue was scared because I was tired, so, when it saw me almost falling from the furniture, it screamed:

-Congratulations for not falling, Mister!”

And it woke up Shanghai immediately. It saw me, and said only one thing, that I didn't hear.

Why? Because Shanghai has a powerful beam. While it was awakening, I was already out of the room, with Nue in my bag.

-Couldn't you shut up? Now, this thing is after me!”


The wall behind me was destroyed by a powerful beam.

I ran, while asking Nue for directions. It guided me thought this freaking maze.

But when I arrived on the mansion part, another beam came, destroying the floor and the ceiling. Looking down, I saw the yukkuri.


Yes, that wasn't a Shanghai, but a terrible Hourai. No hope. Run. I passed the main door, and arrived in the Forest. And then, I heard a familiar voice.

-Mr. Nice Owner! Utsuho is here to help you, Unyuu!

I know it's unbelievable, but it was really the Utsuho I raised before giving it back to her moron owner. It was in the sky, and it went inside the mansion while I was running away.

The last view I'll remember from her was a face-to-face, between Utshuo, and Hourai. After that, I ran, without looking back.

I did good, because there was another nuclear explosion, and this one was far more powerful. It knocked me down.

When I awoke, a large part of the forest was covered by dust. The mansion's area was turned into a crater.

That's all for my story. I managed to get back with the Nue. I started breeding it, while learning her.. abilities. After that, I wrote a report for the Factory. About the Nue. About how you can be harmed by her wings. About how they fight, turning on themselves, like little razor whirlwind.

But I never sold a Nue to the Factory. The one I found inside the mansion saved my life, so I won't torture them. I only sell them to my best customer.

Even now, I'm still asking: why did Utsuho come to help?

Was she searching during all this time?

And finally, the question that keeps me awake during the night: did she survive the mansion's destruction? Or was she killed, and the explosion was self-destruction?

When I think about that, I want to go out and look for her in the Forest.

But it's impossible. The Factory forbade all access to the Forest for 3 months. “Decontamination Time” they said.

I'm sure it's a lie.



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