High high is a funny activity enjoyed by koyukkuris, and, in a limited form, adult yukkuris alike.

Since yukkuris are usually small, ground-dwelling creatures, they've have an unusal instinctual desire of flying, expressed by the ornate cries of happiness they let while lifted, like "It's like flying in the sky", or "[Insert Yukkuri Type] has the sky in its hands" or "[Insert Yukkuri Type] is like Mister Bird who flies in the sky", or at least raise their line of sight and see further than their small frames allow. In the wild, usually a parent Marisa may let its smaller offspring on the brim of its hat, enjoying the vantage point, whereas adult Yukkuri, if feeling playful an brave enough, may ride a U-Pack.


A owner holds a koyukkuri Marsia. Given the happy pee, this little koyukkuri is really enjoying the activity.

While caring for a pet koyukkuri, the owner may carefully lift them in his hands, or keeping them afloat by making them hop on his hand until they're too tired to play. However, in every case it should be note that koyukkuris are more frail than adult parents so, while in the wild, the parent Marisa has to be really careful in letting its offspring hop down its hat without smashing themselves on the hard ground, a human wanting to play "high high" with its pet should always avoid sudden moves and play on a bed, a sofa,or something soft to minimize the risk of accidental falls.

However, not every Marisa is shown to be so careless: instead some more rational parent Marisas may use high high to carry their offspring for distances too long to be traversed with their little, frail bodies, and carry injured or weak koyukkuris (such as the heavy "Shell Marisa" too weak and frail to carry its own shell).

Other accessory-less Yukkuris, or with accessories unsuited for "high high" (such as ribbons and barrettes) may "stack", or putting their koyukkuris on the top of their head, just a midst their hair.

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