As a scientist I have been always little interested in yukkuris. You dont need to have a college to see that yukkuris are different from anything else in the world. At the moment I have lot of free time so I have decided to buy one Reimu type yukkuri from the pet shop where they are sold mainly as pet food. Far as I know, yukkuris grow up pretty fast so it should not be older then one week and this one also can't stop crying for its mother. When I came home I put a box with the yukkuri on table in my kitchen and began to observe. My new pet lies in corner, crying. It haven't seen its familly for some time and it never will again. It ignores me for now so I better start observing before it starts to move and make to much noise. Yukkuri somehow resembles human face. It has two large eye and mouth. They lack nose but far as I know they dont need oxygen but they can still smell. It is possible they can smell with their tongue as well as they can fell the taste. Most of yukkuris body is covered with hait on which you can find their accessory, which in Reimus case is a ribbon. This is very interesting part of yukkuris. Some animals collect things they consider interesting but yukkuris are born with them. I dont really understand how this works, accessory is not part of they body and it last on them for a whole life unless you remove it for what yukkuri won't thank you. Yukkuris really value their accessories. If you remove it, the yukkuri will become aggresive and if it lacks its accessory for a long time it may become desperate. Yukkuris without accessory are outcasts in yukkuri society. Another thing that yukkuris seems to have but I can find it anywhere are ears. Yukkuris have ears on sides of their head but they are only rarely visiable. Yukkuris are hermaphrodites. Their male organ is called peni-peni, their female organ is called mamu-mamu and they can also reproduce asexualy by rubbing. Peni-peni is located under they mouth but it's visible only when it's erected and mamu-mamu is located only few milimeters under the peni-peni. Their anus can be found on their bottom. No suprise here, only thing that works as it should. From inside, yukkuris have filling which in Reimu type case is bean paste and core that probably works as a brain. Thats about it. Tomorrow I'm going to explore its mental side which is probably their greatest mystery. I have put a sugar cube in its box and covered it with a towel. It's too late already and I'm tired from Reimus constant crying so I'll better go to bed, It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

End of part I.

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