The Strangest Family
Alternate names
writen on yukkuri wiki, for yukkuri wiki.
13th of febuaty 20111
Original language
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level
rape, torture, small amount of human interaction

There are many stories of strange yukkuri families. this one is no different in many ways. but it is still a story i am most willing to tell. it all began with a happy, regular family of a reimu and a marisa.

"yuu! im back easy ze~"

"marisa! did you find food easy?"

"yush yush! more food for my cuute weimu and our cuute children!"

it is a small cave located near the hakurei shrine. the father marisa had just returned with food for its mate, who was weighed down by its stalk. nothing could have gone wrong for this yukkuri couple, or so they thought.

"soon our babies will take it easy too ze~"

"yuuu~~!! smart marisa knows that is true! reimu cannot disagree with her smart marisa!"

the marisa giggle slightly, blushing as it did. the reimu, however, did not smile. its expresion turned into a confused frown, looking over behind marisa. the marisa tried to follow where her mate was looking, but did not have as good eyesight as her.

"yuu? reimu is not taking it easy, ze~? what is it reimu? reeeiimuuuu~"

"yu--u...n--nothing marisa! reimu will take it easy with chuu~"

but reimu had not seen nothing. it had, in fact, seen a


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