''The Happy Family"
Alternate names
Original language
Japanese, "English"
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level
rape, neglect

In a certain wood in Gensokyo lives a family of Yukkuris: a Yukkuri Marisa, a Yukkuri Reimu, with their children, six Komarisas and four Koreimus. The Komarisas are playing hide and seek in Marisa's hair, playing high high with Marisa's hat, pulling Marisa's hair and doing rub rub with the Koreimus and Reimu, while Reimu is singing for the quieter Koreimus, one of which is rubbing with it.

Suddenly, an Anon comes with his Yukkuri Alice, bringing them in a Yukkurarium ordering it to rape all the Yukkuris. Only Reimu survives, now stalk pregnant with three Koreimus and three Koalices. The Reimu, still bitter about the loss of its family, refuses to aknowledge the Koalices and the Koreimus as its offspring, hoarding all food for itself and starving them while thinking at its lost family. Reimu even bullies the koyukkuri so, while an hurt Koalice bemoans its suffering claiming that it only desired to rub rub with its mommies, the other koyukkuris cry in hunger and sadness, bemoaning Reimu's cruelty.

The Anon, possibly for spite the adult Reimu, possibly because of genuine concern for the starving koyukkuris, brings them food. The koyukkuri, thin and emaciated, cry in happiness, huddling together and eating their simple yukkuri food like it's the most delicious thing they've tasted.

After a while, the emancipated koyukkuri are now round and healthy, and they're merrily doing rub rub with their "Mishter's" hand, playfully pestering him for attention, and the smallest looking Koalice has even taken itself to call him "Pyapya", believing him its daddy.

Some time later, the Anon is shown calling his new koyukkuris for giving them food. The koyukkuris thanks him gratefully, proclaiming their love for it, while they Poo poo in a grated hole in the ground, bemoaning a "cruel thing" that always denied them food.

The cruel thing is revealed to be the now starving and emaciate Reimu, begging its offspring for food and claiming to be sorry for its earlier wrong-doings.

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