This page is about the group called YUPA


It's unknown when YUPA came into existence,where YUPA is based or how many people work there.

The Word YUPA is an acronym which goes like this.

YUkkuri Protection Agency

YUPA's CauseEdit

The Main cause for YUPA existing is to close down Yukkuri factories and change the building into something good or as YUPA puts it happy yukkuri fun houses as well as closing unscrupulous pet shops, Oddly the factory workers and pet shop owners dissapear off the face of the earth without a trace of their existence left behind, the same thing applies to abusive yukkuri owners.

YUPA also gets rid of bad yuukkuris of the following sort,

  • Deibus
  • Awizes
  • Bawizas
  • Batchoulis
  • abominations
  • Rapers
  • Zaguuyas

and any yukkuri that displays negative behaviour.

YUPA protects yukkuri of the following

  • Niceheads
  • Bodied Yukkuris
  • yukkuris with badges of any type
  • Rare yukkuris
  • Small yukkuris
  • hybrid yukkuris

and Yukkuris being kind to humans

YUPA's Hunt for the Queen YukkuriEdit

According to some YUPA is looking for the SUPER rare Queen yukkuri.

All that is know about the queen yukkuri is.

  1. The yukkuri queen is female.
  2. The yukkuri queen is exceptionally shy and will try to avoid humans and other yukkuris at all costs.
  3. The appearance of the yukkuri queen is a mystery to many.
  4. The behaviour and many other things about the yukkuri queen is a mystery as well.
  5. The yukkuri queen just wants to be loved and cared for just like a pet yukkuri, and wants the yukkuri that are protected by YUPA to be loved and cared for as well.
  6. The yukkuri queen has highly intelligent and can speak many different languages
  7. The yukkuri queen is a very skilled fighter when the situation calls for her to defend herself, she's able to destroy any threat in her path be said threat a single person or a whole army.
  8. The yukkuri queen is immune to all forms of disease,hypnotism and mind-control.
  9. The yukkuri queen emits an large aura of peace,kindness,happyness and love at all times, the range of the aura is 20 meters and the effect of the aura lasts for a month after coming into the aura's range.

Brief summary of YUPA HQ and it's Security Edit

YUPA's headquarters is where the staff of YUPA work, YUPA maintains strict rules and guidelines towards how YUPA is run.

YUPA Security Edit

YUPA's Security has been described as strong and efficient at stopping any breaches in it's security, any and all important documents are kept in a heavily guarded vault underground that's impossible to brake into.

Security at YUPA is comprised of security camera's capable of recording video, sound, heat and anything on the infa-red spectrum, along with metal detectors, full body xray, and retinal scanners. YUPA will also makes false documents that are outdated and say these are the real documents.

Staff of YUPAEdit

There is only one named staff member of YUPA known.

YUPA Staff
Name of Staff Occupation
Mark Gosehill Head of YUPA/YUPA founder

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