''Yukkurarium Family''
Alternate names
Original language
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level
Yukkuri on yukkuri violence, neglect

(unofficial title)

This is the story of a domestical yukkuri family. The father is a Marisa, and the mother is a Reimu. The story begin when Anon must leave for a week, for business. He leave a lot of food for his yukkuris, but they end up eating it all in 2 days. When he got back, he teased them by eating his food in front of them. But one of the koMarisa is sick, so the parents beg Anon to get a medicine. He half-agrees, because he thinks that human medicine will harm yukkuri. But, when he gave medicine to the parent yukkuris, another koMarisa stole it, and eats it, arguing she's "sick of being hungry". The parents beg Anon, to get another medicine, but he refuses.

Later, the children ask the Mother why they don't have to dig a hole to keep warm, and she explain it's because the Anon's home is warmed. But Anon decide to put the yukkuarium outside, as an unknown goal. After a little panic, the Marisa begins to dig a hole, and the family tries to organize themselves by counting the days before the Anon's return to the yukkurarium.

But the Marisa begins to get excited, so she makes the Reimu pregnant. A little while later,yukkuris are born (too fast, if we believe the mother), and a lot of them die of starvation, and the others are "failed".

While the parents are burying the dead koyukkuris, a koMairsa (maybe the same one from before), devours the stalks, which is rich in protein, dooming the other children.

Worse than that, she ​poo-poos in the house, instead of going outside. Later, a Yukkuri Remilia attacks, and the same (?) koMarisa, accidentally pushed her little sister in the nail of the Remilia, before Anon came and made it flee. The father Marisa begins to hate the koMarisa, and orders Reimu to kill her and use her to feed the child if Anon doesn't come.

The story ends when Reimu charges Marisa.

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