Yukkuri Akyu


Based on
Light pink flower-shaped ornament & a small hammer
Smashed cherries
Special Abilities
Enjoys smashing other yukkuris with a small hammer


A very unfriendly yukkuri to its peers, generally killing other yukkuri on sight.


Because of such antics, most (if not all) yukkuri avoid them save the few that can either fight back, have protection, or enjoy the pain of other yukkuri. Because of their own abusive behavior, many abusive owners try to acquire Akyu-types which has lead to a price-hikes for pet Akyu.

Akyu, when not smashing others, may record events happening nearby and may also have a longer memory span than other yukkuri.

As of current, there has been a split with the Akyu thanks to breeders. On one hand, there are the original Akyu and on the other there are what is known as "nice" Akyu. As the name may suggest, they are very friendly with other yukkuri and much like the real Akyu enjoy recording history and events. This sub-type, however, is only found in captivity and not in the wild.

Relationships to Other YukkuriEdit

Yukkuri Akyu

A pet Akyu. Notice the dead and smashed yukkuri surrounding it.

This yukkuri is usually shown with an aggressive behavior toward other yukkuris, usually killing them with their small hammers for pure fun or eating them alive. Keine-types have been seen around Akyu, but it's unknown if they're on friendly terms or the Akyu had wandered into a Keine's territory.

The "nicer" sub-type is known to get along well with other yukkuri, being rather clingy to Keine and Reimu-types.


  • Kyun (said as koyukkuri)
  • Akyun (said as adults)

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