Not to be confused with Anonymous in yukkuri stories.

Yukkuri Anonymous


Anoniyukkuri, Yunonymous
Based on
Guy Fawkes mask
Special Abilities
Possesses knowledge in computers. Can change hair and eye colors for a certain amount of time.
Very rare; population predicted to spike every November 5


This yukkuri is based on Anonymous, a hacktivist collective.


Anoniyukkuri are seen to have their own sense of justice. They are often very opinionated, even to the point of criticizing their clan leader and/or owner, depending on the severity of any received treatment. This may contribute to being unpopular to the Factory, as a few workers expressed their disdain toward such yukkuri.

They are also known to have tendencies to troll other yukkuri (both same and different species) and humans alike, making them ideal for insult comedians and Internet trolls. Though they troll indiscriminately, shitheads are most often their primary targets.

An Anoniyukkuri was observed to have used its mask accessory as a shield. Seldom does one become a target of a predator. However, an Alice-type reportedly tried to rape an Anoniyukkuri only to have its own peni peni inverted.

Because this yukkuri specie was recently discovered, more of its behavior is being researched.


The first discovered Anoniyukkuri has dark red hair and blue eyes. Few others were reported to have different color schemes, including blue hair/green eyes, black hair/green eyes, green hair/green eyes, albino, Reimu-schemed, etc. Anoniyukkuri in general are known to be able to temporarily change their hair and eye colors to change their identity. To make identification more difficult, their faces are identical, much similar to their mask accessory.

アノ二ゆっくり ネットワーク中立性

Open Internet campaign poster of a blue hair/green eyes variation of an Anoniyukkuri puff-puffing

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Despite their trolling tendencies, they are observed to be in good terms with Reimus, Marisas, Mikus, and especially Satoris so far. It is not known with which species they mate and how. However, during close observations, Anoniyukkuri do not exhibit any signs of rape tendencies.


Anoniyukkuri are known to accurately recite the motto of Anonymous. However, many often replace "we" and "us" with "yukkuri" or "easy". Their other catch phrases are the following:

  • Hack it easy!
  • Expect us easy!
  • Lulz!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

Because it was discovered near a massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) victim's office headquarters, it is said to be a leftover of such hack. This theory is unconfirmed, however.

Due to their knowledge in computers, they are said to be able to hack. According to one report, one person was a target of a hack that somehow used his monitor to fire a Master Spark. Though he was hit, he survived the attack with only minor injuries despite the apparent severity. It was later speculated that an Anoniyukkuri was behind the attack.

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