Yukkuri Ayame

(No Picture,Sorry..)

Nickname(s) Amekkuri
Based on Watanabe Ayame
Accessories None
Filling The Mix of:1.  Chocolate-covered coffee beans2.  Vodka Cookies3.  Chocolate4.  Mint Frosting5.  Iced Tea6.  Blackberry Jam7.  Pickles8.  Dust9.  French Vanilla Ice Cream10. Maple Syrup11. Egg whites
Bodied? No
Special Abilities Singing, lending someone a hand 
Rarity Ultra-Rare, originally thought to be Unique


The highly rare Yukkuri Ayame, or Amekkuri, based upon Ayame. 


Amekkuri are usually very cheerful and shy. Like most yukkuri, Mikkuris also like to take it easy. IF She want to hold or do something,all of her hands will popped up and do something,like cooking.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Amekkuri has One odd relationship is with Marisas; typically the Yukkurisa will first rape a Amekkuri that it has found, yet the two will choose to remain together afterwards forming a family. And while the Amekkuris will never try to take the dominant role in the relationship, they seem to have a slightly more independent attitude toward their mates, than most yukkuri couples.




  • I wuv you
  • Take it easy,y'all!
  • gesso gesso 
  • My Hyu-Mahn side wuill take care of yowul easy!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Byakkuris are often portrayed as the mates of Yukkuri Shinki, possibly because both characters are often associated with the Makai.

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