Yukkuri Chandra


Firukkuri, Magukkuri
Based on
Special Abilities
Use of fire, can "planeswalk"


A rare, and odd, yukkuri based on Chandra Nalaar of Magic: The Gathering fame.



A Chandra.

A hot-headed (literally) yukkuri that enjoys nothing more then fighting authority, relaxing, and setting things on fire. These yukkuri have just been recently discovered, and have already caused a stir in the yukkuri community.

Chandras are usually found in mountainous regions, claiming their gathering "mana" from the mountains, This "mana" apparently allows these yukkuri to use a form of magic that allows them to "planeswalk", an ability similar to Yukari's ability, and control fire. Chandras also claim to be from "other planes", and that they arrived in our plane by "planeswalking". If this is true, it's debated if Chandras are just lying, then that would mean other types of yukkuri exist in regards to non-Touhou yukkuri. A few non-Touhou yukkuri are known to exist, which may help support this theory.

Regardless of this fact, these yukkuri are dangerous due to their fire-controlling ability (much like Mokotans) and it's not recommended to anger these yukkuri. This is rather hard, as these yukkuri can anger very easily resulting them in setting their surroundings on fire.

Also, as a side-effect of their ability, finding them is rather easy as these yukkuri literally leave a trail of destruction, and fire, behind. This has provided easy for yukkuri hunters to find these new yukkuri. However, Chandra are completely untrainable. They hate any authority along with hating being told what to do. They are very free spirited, it would seem.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Being the free spirited and pyromaniac yukkuri that it is, Chandras get along well with Mokotans which puts them at odds with Keine. But that's really about it, as this yukkuri would generally enjoy setting other yukkuri on fire compared to befriending them.

These yukkuri apparently hate to no end another yukkuri known only as "Jace". This "Jace" has yet to be seen, but it's guessed that this yukkuri might control water. But on that note, Chandras really hate all Water Yukkuri, especially Yukkuri Wakasagihime.


  • Burning things easy!
  • Planeswalking easy!


  • As mentioned above, these yukkuri are basically untrainable. The first person to try to train a Chandra reported that the yukkuri burned down his house in less then a hour.

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