Yukkuri Futo


Based on
Blue hat with white strings tied around it.
Cream Soda
Special Abilities
Knows the perfect way to arrange things. Can ignite themselve.



A pet Futo and its owner. The yukkuri Letty, the owner's other pet, is not pleased with the attention Futo is receiving.

Yukkuri Futo are a slightly new Yukkuri, they wear blue hats with string wrapped around it and are always friends with Yukkuri Tojiko and Yukkuri Mikos.



A Futo having a strange dream.

36092405 p1

An energetic Futo.

Futo Yukkuri are often smug, and are sometimes said to have OCD due to the fact they will arrange things in their perspective of the "perfect way".

They sometimes are used to help sailors on boats and are quite good ocean navigators, making them favored pets around sailors. Why they actually have good skills around water, which most yukkuri try to avoid, is unknown at this time.

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit

Futo types will always be close friends with Tojiko Yukkuri, although they sometimes argue over minor things. It is known, for whatever reason, that Futos, Tojikos, and Mikos hate Byakuren-types . They are also close friends with Miko Yukkuri, and are sometimes seen in a "pack" with Miko and Tojiko Yukkuri.
Futo fire

A bodied Futo set itself on fire. Notice the Miko Yukkuri isn't bothered. The Byakuren is saying "Oh dear", but in a sarcastic way.


  • Thou take it easy!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • There have been sightings of them stealing boats but this is unconfirmed.

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