Yukkuri Ghost


Ghoukuri, CoDukkuri
Based on
Headset, earphones, microphone, mask, glasses
Special Abilities
Ability to use firearms, ability to use camouflage


When Call of Duty meets Touhou, the results can be scary. Based upon the character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghoukuris are a very rare, and odd, breed of yukkuri.


One of the few male-like yukkuri in existence, the true face of Ghokuris have never been seen (at least in photo or film) due to the mask and glasses covering their faces. This has brought the question of how do they eat or do other yukkuri tasks given the fact that their masks cover their entire bodies. It could be that the mask acts like clothes seen in pet yukkuri, as no one is aware of what the "true" accessory is.

A rather hot-tempered yukkuri who appears to never enjoy taking it easy (much like Kimeemaru), these yukkuri are rather hard to find not so much due to their rarity but due to the fact that they seem to be firmly aware on how to naturally camouflage themselves with the skill of a human. Their nests are also very hard to find due to the camouflage.

These yukkuri are quite well known for barking orders at other yukkuri, but rather then the Kanakos line of speech, Ghokuris snap quick orders. Such as if they see a yukkuri lazing around, they will quickly snap "Quit taking it easy and move!" or if it spots a piece of food not collected, it will snap "grab that!". These yukkuri, however, are not actually bossy.

They have the reported ability to use firearms, but no one is quite sure how that works for a creature with no body.

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit

Surprisingly, other yukkuri don't seem to mind Ghokuris to much. It may be due to the fact that these yukkuri can easily camouflage a nest or another yukkuri with ease, thus protecting said nest or yukkuri from harm. It may be also that these yukkuri are well known fighters. Therefore, and strangely enough, Ghokuris (at least the ones that have been observed) have been observed mated with other yukkuri types including Reimus, Patchoulis, Marisas, Youmus, and other common yukkuri types. Though they aren't apparently picky on their mates, save Rinnosukes or other "male yukkuri". They won't mate with them.

It was reported by a breeder that a Ghost did mate with a Yuaku, those these results have never been recreated or observed. 


  • Ghokuris stats as a true Yukkuri are rather debated among some yukkuri fans, as there are only a few references to the Ghost Yukkuri in the Japanese communities.

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