Yukkuri Haku


Yuaku, Hakkuri
Based on
Headphones, ribbon
Special Abilities
Can't sing, cries


A rather down yukkuri.


Yuaku's are a rather depressing yukkuri. They really can't do anything that special, least that's what they claim. They can't sing as well as Mikus, they aren't as popular as Reimus, they can't float like Marisa, or so the Yuaku will loudly complain about. They do like to get drunk and drink hard liqueurs and sprites, to the point that they would rather spend their time drunk rather then doing anything meaningful.

Of course, these yukkuri aren't actually worthless or as bad as they claim but seem to have little self-esteem. They will usually be confused and embarrassed if they ever receive praise. That being said, Yuakus aren't really known to do "bad things", as they fear they won't be able to succeed or they could be to drunk for the task. So these yukkuri are "good" in ways such as manners, right and wrong, etc. But Yuku's don't seem to understand why this is "good".

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

Generally down in nature, other yukkuris are quick to abandon or avoid Yuakus thus adding to the already poor self-esteem of these yukkuri. Good-hearted yukkuri are known to try their best to cheer Yuakus up, which a surprisingly high rate of success. Yukkuri Suika or Yukkuri Yuugi are occasionally in the vicinity of Yuakus, mostly because of their shared interest in alcoholic beverages.

Yuakus are known to follow around Mikus and other Vocaloid-like yukkuri. It's unknown which yukkuri Yuakus breed with, with one breeder saying he was able to produce koyukkuri with a Yuaku and Ghost, though this result has never been recreated by others. Besides this one-off claim, Hakus haven't been observed mating with others in captivity or the wild though it is thought they may mate with Nerus and or Mikus. 


  • "Sigh..."

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