Yukkuri Hatate


Based on
Modern flip camera/phone, hat, pigtails
Bacon-rich monjayaki
Special Abilities
Use of flip camera to take pictures and learn, above-average speed


A rare yukkuri species, the Yukkuri Hatate seems to take after its namesake rather well.


An owner punishing his Hatate for being prideful. However, this Hatate has a kind owner who still treats it well.



A Hatate and Aya.

Prideful and somewhat selfish, these yukkuri are intelligent and curious at best and at worst prideful and selfish. They are fast for a yukkuri, but not as fast as Kimeemarus nor as strong as Momijis. These yukkuri are known for using little camera phones, with only a few of the phones actually being able to work. Most of the phones are toys. Regardless, a Hatate will take "pictures" of anything they find interesting or could cause a scandal (thus making them not liked in clans or humans with secrets to hide).

Hatates will see themselves as always right, regardless if they are right or not. So arguments with them are rather useless. These yukkuri do appear to like humans, and enjoy their companion more than other yukkuri. The reason for this is unknown, but it has allowed them to appear on the pet trade in mass numbers.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

While generally good around humans, Hatates do have their fair share of yukkuri companions. They enjoy Momijis, Kimeemarus, and Nitoris. Though in the case of Nitoris, they do seem to shy away from them. With Kimeemarus, they view them as friendly rivals of sorts, and mated pairs have been reported.

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