Yukkuri Ichirin


Based on
Dark-blue hood, Unzan cloud nearby.
Cotton candy for Unzan, unknown for Ichirin
Special Abilities
Has a pink-cloud "Unsan" avatar. Seen either with them all the time or summoning them.


An odd yukkuri that moves around with a cloud called Unzan.



A Ichirin floating on Unzan.

A normally quiet and somewhat shy yukkuri that enjoys keeping to itself. They are normally seen with a cloud avatar known as "Unzan", which they apparently can talk with. Due to their shyness, not much is known about them and the few that make it to captivity are still quiet and refuse to mate with other yukkuri, though has no issue with having a "partner" yukkuri, which they normally find in Mursasa-types.

Despite their shyness, these yukkuri are known to have a straightforward and kind personality.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit




An Ichirin and a Alice.

In captivity, they are normally seen following Byakuren-types, who they appear to almost worship and will fight to the death to protect. They apparently have a love-hate relationship with Mursasa-types, who are guessed to be one of the few yukkuri that they would ever mate wild. In the wild, they are generally observed as "loners", and only contact other yukkuri briefly except in the case of Byakuren and its "temple", in which case the Ichirin will act as a guard and as a heavy-lifter thanks to Unzan.

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • "Unzan", the cloud that the Ichirin is normally seen by, is a odd being made up of cotton candy that unlike the avatar of a Myon, is apparently alive and can act on its own. The Unzan is even more shy then its counterpart, and will normally hide if confronted. No Unzan has ever been seen away from a Ichirin, so it is questioned how the Unzan comes into being.

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