Yukkuri Isaac Clarke


Isaaukkuri, Deaukkuri
Based on
Special Abilities
Change accessories


Even Dead Space gets the yukkuri treatment in the form of Yukkuri Isaac.


To say the least, these yukkuri are paranoid. They flinch at every sound and are prone to hiding if they remotely sense danger. Due to the paranoia, these yukkuri are highly adaptive at surviving. Not only can they fight their way out of any situation, they are also always prepared for anything. They have multiple burrows (they call them safe-houses) scattered throughout a single area along many hidden food stashes, and know how to preform first-aid (for yukkuri, of course).

They also claim to be engineers, and are able to create some rather high-tech machines and equipment for a yukkuri. That being said, they rarely contact Nitoris.

They have the unique ability to change their accessory appearance at will, though none of the new accessories (appearing as the helmets that the real Isaac wore in the games) are any better then the others. That being said, their accessory can be removed unlike other helmeted yukkuri. Without their helmet, they appear as a "older" yukkuri. Male in appearance.

Relationship to other YukkuriEdit

These yukkuri do get along with other yukkuri, despite being always paranoid. That being said, they don't treat any yukkuri different from other yukkuri. Except Yukkuri Yoshika, who they will attack on sight.


  • Survive Easy!
  • The things I've seen...

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