Yukkuri Jasmine

Jasmine Yukkuri

Based on
Round orange hair ornaments
Special Abilities
Hard body, can conduct electricity, magnetic


Another discovered yukkuri, Jasmine Yukkuris are known for their steel filling and timid nature. Bodied versions wear either a simple white dress with sandals and a large white bow on the front of it or a white blouse, orange bow and minty-green dress with white frills on the bottom.

Usually, a Jasmine Yukkuri will hop away from anyone or anything that scares it. When threatened, however, it will respond by tackling the aggressor before quickly leaving. Because of the hardness of its filling, its tackles can leave nasty bruises and broken bones. Also, thanks to its filling, it's quite heavy to lift up as well.


Jasmine Yukkuris are known to be kind-hearted and gentle towards other people and yukkuris, though they're quite shy and will take quite some time for them to get used to being around new people, not to mention they can even become worrisome at times. They also speak with a gentle and soft-sounding voice.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Jasmine Yukkuris normally mate with Whitney Yukkuris, taking on the role of the mother. However, there are also some cases of Jasmine Yukkuris mating with Volkner Yukkuris, also taking on the role of the mother. If its koyukkuris or mate get sick, it'll become worrisome and unable to smile until they're cured... but only by the Jasmine Yukkuri itself.


  • "C-c-clang it easy..."
  • "Clang! Steel type!" (Usually said when encountering anything made of steel)

Rumours & MiscellaneousEdit

  • A favorite way to abuse a Jasmine Yukkuri is to expose it to an extreme amount of heat for a long period of time. The steel filling inside of its body will heat up gradually, causing the Jasmine Yukkuri to be severely burned from the inside while it starts screaming in pain. Submerging it in molten metal also works as well.
  • Due to their filling, Jasmine Yukkuris are often hunted for their steel, often being skinned either dead or alive after being caught by poachers. This may explain their steady increase in rarity.
  • Thanks to their filling, Jasmine Yukkuris are magnetic and can also conduct electricity as well, both abilities posing as problems for them. Scientists are currently researching as to how they could have those abilities.

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