Yukkuri Jotaro


Jotayukkuri, Orakkuri
Based on
Hat and earrings
Dolphin meat
Special Abilities
Has the ability to summon a spirit named Star Platinum. Has the power to stop time.
Very rare; in danger of extinction due to lack of willingness to find a mate


This yukkuri is based on Jotaro Kujo, a character of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series.


Jotayukkuri tend to be quiet and keep to themselves. They are very confrontational to others they do not know of and will often attack those who get too close, especially those wanting to be its mate. They love to play the role of the hero and save anyone in danger, and hate Vampire Yukkuri.

It plays well with five other Yukkuri. One of them, specifically, is the Kakyoin.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

As stated above, they usually keep to themselves. Sometimes, with Alice, Marisa, Reimu and Sakuya types, Jotayukkuri tend to be friendly.

If they are with Yukkuri that they are familiar with, they will open up and become playful and protective over their new friends.

If they see vampire (or any other "supernatural") yukkuri, they will attack on sight.


Jotayukkuri are known to sometimes say "Yare Yare Daze" in times of confusion, irritation, anger, or, in some very rare cases, for no reason. Their common catch phrases are the following:

  • Ora it easy!!
  • Yare Yare Daze!
  • Judge it easy!

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