Overview Edit

A new yukkuri created purely out of vengeance.

Yukkuri junko

A rare wheeled variety of the yukkuri Junko, shouting "Jyouga, miteiru ka?"(Chang'e, are you watching?) while driving.

Behavior Edit

This is a yukkuri who can be friendly to anyone other than lunarian yukkuris (Seiran, Ringo, Sagume etc.) or anyone that reminds them of the moon. Because this yukkuri claims that they hate Chang'e, the lunarian goddess more than anything else in existence. Because of this, yukkuri Junkos hate anything related to Chang'e. Pet Junkos are usually seen looking up at the moon in the sky at night (at the window, outside the house), chanting "My sworn enemy Chang'e, are you watching!?" or "I'll kill you, Chang'e!!!". Do not place crescent-shaped objects near them as it will trigger Junko's anger. Pet Junko's are often kept as pets because of their ability: Purifying. They are used to clean drinking water, cleanse any pesticides or germs when cooking or cleaning, and many more. They are one of the most useful yukkuris to have as pets.

Relationships with other yukkuris Edit

She is often seen yelling at anything related to the moon. Yukkuri Seirans, Ringos and Sagumes should definitely be kept out of sight as Junkos will kill them. Yukkuri Patchoulis should also be kept out of sight, since their moon accessory on their hats can enrage them. Strangely, they do not sem to mind about yukkuri hecatia's moon orb accessory. They usually get along with Hecatias and Clownpieces, but they only try to mate with Hecatias. They also get along with Reisens, because she was recently classified as an earth rabbit yukkuri rather than a lunar yukkuri.


A pet Junko being fed, and shouting "Are you watchng, Chang'e!!" after the meal, to show off how delicious the food was.

Speech Edit

  • "My sworn enemy Chang'e, are you watching!?"
  • "I'll kill yu, Chang'e!"
  • "Purify it easy!"
  • "Yas queen!"

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