Yukkuri Kagerou


Based on
Wolf ears and tail
Blackberry Jam
Yes; sometimes dog-like
Special Abilities
Changes during a full moon


A new yukkuri who appear to not like the full moon. This is due to the fact that, much like Keines, they transform during this time and scare many yukkuri away. Though in reality, Kagerou's just don't like to get "hairy".


A very friendly yukkuri that loves playing, despite its transformation. They, however, hate getting "hairy" as they describe it and show a dislike of hairy things. This makes owning a pet Kagerou a challenge, as toys and housing must be provided that does not have anything "hairy". What a Kagerou actually considers hairy is different from yukkuri to yukkuri.

While friendly, they do have sharp teeth which can led a painful mark if bitten. Caution should be advised not to anger a Kagerou. Reports of "aggressive" Kagerous have begin to surface as of late.

41485602 p5

A dog-like Kagerou.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit

Due to their transformation, many yukkuri outright avoid Yugerou. Keines and Mokous are sometimes seen around them. Yugerous also seem to favor being around Yukkuri Wakasagihime, though due to the latter being purely aquatic, it's hard to tell what this relationship is. They are also seen around Sekibankis. They seem to hate Remilia-types as vampires hate werewolves.


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