Yukkuri Kisume

Kisume Yukkuri

Yukkisume, Chokkisume
Based on
Special Abilities
Has the ability to carry around a bucket


A shy type of yukkuri that carries around a bucket, which acts like its home.


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A Kisume pinching Wriggle. Due to their pincers, it's best to use caution when picking up or handling a Kisume.

Kisumes are unique in the fact they have two "forms", a hermit crab form and a "regular" form. While moving from location to location, a Kisume in hermit crab form will turn itself upside down, carrying its bucket on its back and using its hair as legs and pincers. When tired or found a place to stay, it will turn upright and sleep inside the bucket, which is more commonly known as its regular form. They are known to jump around in their bucket to move from place to place, however, so it would appear that "forms" have more than one use (i.e. locomotion and protection).

Very shy, the Kisume will hide if it feels threatened. Caution is advised, as when a Kisume is in hermit crab form, it can and will use its pigtails as pincers, leaving a rather painful and severe cut in the victim's skin. But due to the timid nature of these yukkuri they are more likely to hide or flee rather then fight.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit


A Kisume and Yamame.

While shy and timid, it enjoys the company of Yukkuri Yamame, who they exclusively mate with. In such a pair, the Yamame will usually do the home building, hunting, and protection while the Kisume will stay in the nest to watch over the koyukkuri (assuming the pair has any) or just remain at ease. It would appear that a Yamame has no problem devoting its entire life to its Kisume mate.


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