Yukkuri Koishi


Based on
Hat, Closed eye-shaped orb
Self-stated as Banana Cream
Special Abilities
Can completely hide themselves subconsciously from view


36777148 p1

A bodied Koishi.

While some yukkuri have uncanny abilities at being hard to find, Koishi's seem to be actively trying to hide, but at the same time be found. 


Yukkuri Koishi are carefree, kind, and generally docile. However, they are known to be insane at times, shouting random things (such as "So there aren't any gods!") and attacking other yukkuri without warning. Though the insanity is rather rare, most yukkuri still perfer to avoid them rather than put up with them.

Due to rejection, Koishi's are known to become very emotional and will cry or go into a state of depression if they feel rejected. Owners should take great care, if one happens to own a Koishi, to never make it feel rejected.



A Koishi and Kokoro.

They are fond of Satoris, who in return are also fond of them. Koishi's have been seen around Flans, though their relationship at this time is unknown.

Recently, Koishi's have been seen around the very rare Yukkuri Kokoros. Even more suprising, the Koishi's actually mate with the Kokoros. What connected the two species is unknown at the time and still under research, but it is guessed that Kokoros may seek Koishis due to their unpredictable behavior. Koishis are guessed to just enjoy taking Kokoros masks. 

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Some reports say that Yukkuri Koishi are found within other yukkuri nests, stealing from the food supply.

    A kokoishi being presented food by a family of yukkuri.

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