Yukkuri Kokoro


Hataukkuri, Emotionukkuri
Based on
Bitter Chocolate
Special Abilities
Can't express emotions, ability to summon masks


A new, silent, and emotionless yukkuri.

36777148 p2

A bodied Kokoro.



A Kokoro enjoying (maybe) sitting out in the open.

These yukkuri are odd in the sense they can't express emotion. Or more specifically, their faces won't change at all. They carry on the same blank stares throughout their lives (though they can speak). Instead, to express how they are feeling, they will summon small masks that will float around their faces to show how they are feeling at any given time. While lacking emotions, these yukkuri are still regular yukkuri and will react with their masks according to the environment.

These yukkuri are very blank in both speech, personality, and likes. They enjoy plain foods, speak flatly, and just seem rather dull. And unlike blank-slate yukkuri or koyukkuri, the personality of the Kokoros won't change. While being dull, these yukkuri are kind and very caring, but just don't really express it well (or at all).

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit

Oddly enough, Koishis are seen as the main playmates and mates of Kokoro. This is rather curious as Koishis are very playful, hyperactive, and or insane while Kokoros are dull. It's suspected that Kokoros may like Koishis due to their odd behavior, though they get upset when Koishis steal their masks which happens quite a lot.

Kokoro are know to seek Mamizous for advice, though said advice may not always be useful.


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