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Yukkuri Komachi


Valeriana officinalis
Based on
2 elastic bands with red marbles in it's hair. Also seen with an oar or a scythe
Special Abilities
Immortality, sleep without need of food, spitting coins at high velocity
Extremely rare


An extremely rare yukkuri with the habit of sleeping almost all the time.



An awaken Komachi with a Eiki.

Komachis are odd as they prefer to sleep their entire lives rather then do anything. Unlike other sleeper yukkuri, Komachis don't eat, or play, but just sleep. It was rumored that the only times they were seen awake was either because a Eiki has awaken them or they need to find a new place to sleep.

Due to this lazy behavior, it wasn't difficult to capture wild Komachis to use as Pets. But, due to their behavior, most potential owners, abusers and non, simply avoid this yukkuri due to its lack of response.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

Komachis, when awake, serve as guards, executioners, and mates for Eikis. To other yukkuri, however, Komachis are barely even noticed or addressed. Yukkuri Meilings are known to spend their time with Komachis, though they never mate.


  • Sleep it easy!
  • E~ki-Sama!

A awake Komachi with the real Komachi

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • The marbles in it's hair are actually a rare type of berry.

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