Yukkuri Kongou


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Gold headband
Black tea
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Another yukkuri based off of Kantai Collection fame, this time the popular character of Kongou.


Modest in behavior, these yukkuri are seen as "classy" to say the least. Save their English accent and the fact they will throw in random English words into their speech (as no Kongous know how to speak full English yet). A rather popular Kantai yukkuri due to Kongou's popularity, these yukkuri must be fed metal and oil, and despite being aquatic must have land to nest and relax on, or "dock" as Kongukkuris call it. These yukkuri have a dream to be assistants to a "great admiral" (usually refers to their owner) and if they view their owner as lesser then this, they can quickly become mean. They also do not liked to be touched except during "certain" time, and if touched, petted, or physically interacted with not during the certain time, they will loudly complain and even call their owner a pervert.


A Kongou with upgraded accessory.

While Kantai yukkuri need to drink oil to survive, Kongukkuris seem to have a liking of black tea to the point that giving them just a little drop can cause them to get addicted. This may be due to the fact their filling is black tea. Kongukkuris claim its because of their "roots". Regardless, black tea should only be presented to a pet Kongukkuri as a reward (much like how an owner will present a "sweet-sweet" to a regular yukkuri).

These yukkuri have a unique ability among yukkuri in the sense that their accessory changes appearance over time, which the Kongukkuri will call "upgrading". Their headband will become fully gold in color and the "wings" (the two knobs on the end of the headband) will appear like small radars. That being said, Kongukkuri will still be prideful of their accessory no matter what form it is in, though the ones that are "upgraded" are oddly enough not as popular as non-upgraded ones.

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit

Kongukkuris get along rather well with most other yukkuri, though Reimu's seem to not care much for them for unknown reasons and will generally scoff at them if their name is mentioned. They do get along well with Nitoris, as with more Kantai Yukkuri.

These yukkuri are also attached to Yukkuri Hiei, Yukkuri Haruna, and Yukkuri Kirishima.


A Kongou (right) with its sisters.


  • Burning Love!

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