Yukkuri Lily


Yulily White
Based on
Hat, wings
Marshmallow (white) Toasted Marshmallow (black)
Special Abilities
Prolific During Certain Months


A rather common yukkuri in the spring (much like Lettys in winter and Shizuhas in fall) known for it's rather loud announcment of "IT'S SPRING".



A pet Lily White.

Hyperactive and borderline annoying, these yukkuri love springtime and everything related to spring. From flowers to trees, there is nothing Lily's don't like about spring, well, except getting caught up in the usual spring showers. This may be why they're so prolific during spring. Unlike other prolific yukkuri, Lily's don't have any natural predators save for Remilias. They are one of most docile yukkuri in existence.

They have begun to show up on the pet trade, wanted by owners who are interested in a hyperactive yukkuri that's easy to find. However, many owners report that Lilys will shout "IT'S SPRING" whenever possible. They also get depressed when it's not spring, apparently.

Thanks to its wings, Lily Whites have the ability to fly.

Lily BlackEdit

A rarer varietion of Lily, known for being mean. Due to their rarity, however, finding them is an extreme challenge and any pet samples can easily fetch over 1000 USD on the market for a non-trained Lily Black.

Sightings are common, but a majority of them are just Lily Whites dressed as Lily Blacks. How they actually dress up is unknown, though some inconspicuous sellers may dress a Lily White up as a Lily Black in order to sell the more common yukkuri as the rarer one. Such yukkuri will show discomfort at their new outfit and loudly complain, thus alerting potential victims of the ploy.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit

Lily's are seen getting along fairly well with other yukkuri, but don't seem to favor any one yukkuri over another. Their shouts of "IT'S SPRING" can be annoying to other yukkuri, however. They are seen as friends of Yukkuri Tokiko, it would appear.



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