Yukkuri Luize

Yukkuri Luize

Based on
White hat with a purple bow
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Special Abilities
Can generate a ghostly aura around it


Yukkuri Luizes are rather polite to humans and yukkuris alike. They also seem to enjoy sightseeing and tend to migrate often to different places, which may explains their rarity.


As mentioned above, Luizes are kind and polite and never seem to be wanting to cause any problems. A rare trait indeed for yukkuri.

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit

Because of their politeness, they are liked by other, non-rude, yukkuri. Sometimes they can get over polite and care too much for a yukkuri's pleasure and well being, resulting in said yukkuri ditching the Luize or, in the case of predators, eating them.

Despite their kindness, they are seen annoying Yukkuri Sara by constantly trying to go through the place the Sara is trying to guard.


  • I want through/in easy! Please?

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • They are sometimes seen with little luggage bags.
  • Some people have seen "avalanches" of them migrating. These Luize avalanches usually go after Sara yukkuris and what they're guarding, trampling the Sara Yukkuri in the process but saying "Sorry!" at the same time.

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