Yukkuri Luna Child


Based on
Luna Child
A hat with black ribbons
Creamy coffee?
Special Abilities
Can mute any nearby sounds

Overview Edit

A clumsy (sometimes stupid) yukkuri that enjoy pulling pranks on others.

Behavior Edit

Yuluna is a calm and clumsy yukkuri,Unlike most yukkuris,she enjoy coffee beans and alcohol more than sweet sweets,aparentely is born with that preference,seems to enjoy reading,due to that,is common between humans.

Even through everything mentioned above,enjoy puling pranks on humans and yukkuris.

Yuluna seem to enjoy being surounded by humans more than humans.

She often trip over nothing for no reason.

Relationships to Other Yukkuris Edit

Like the real Luna Child,will spend her time with Yukkuri Sunny Milk and Yukkuri Star Sapphire pulling pranks,she often will mate with them and have around 3 koyukkuris.

CIrnos and Reimus seem to hate them,as they're the main vistims of their pranks,rarely will mate them.

Oher yukkuri seem to despise her,not only because of the pranks,but because Yuluna prefer reading than playing,coffee beans and alcohol than sweet sweets,they're seen as a yukkuri who can't "take it easy!"

Speech Edit

  • It's just a prank easy...
  • Luna can take it easy!

Rumors & Miscellaneous Edit

  • Due to their like to alcohol,they seem to be able to swin without a problem.

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