Yukkuri Mamizou


Tanukikkuri, Mamiukkuri
Based on
Ears, tail, glasses, leaf, a bottle of sake (sometimes)
Matcha Tea (Leaf?)
Special Abilities
Transformation ability


A cheerful, and at times mischievous, yukkuri with the ability to transform its appearance.



A pet Mamizou thankful to have received food.

Cheerful and wise (at least some yukkuri see them as such), these yukkuri do at times have a mischievous streak. Stealing from others or tricking others to do its bidding. Thankfully these Mamizous are rare compared to the usual good nature ones.

These yukkuri are well known for their transformation ability, able to take any size or shape. However, they do leave a sizable clue of their change. The small leaf on their head will remain on their transformed appearance. Though this can also be a useful ploy in areas with many trees (so long as it's not winter).


A Mamizou trying out a new hairstyle.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit

These yukkuri are in a good relationship with Nues, at times rarely mating with them. Some yukkuri, like Kyoukos and Kokoros, will seek out Mamizous for advice, much like how other yukkuri seek out Patchoulis for advice. And while not always on good terms with Byakuren, they still follow them around in "temples". 

They are not friendly with Rans for rather unknown reasons.

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