Yukkuri Master Chief


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Special Abilities
Hard Helmet


A very silent yukkuri, showing that once again about no one is safe from becoming a yukkuri.


Chiefukkuri are odd. They are silent loners that generally don't enjoy coming into contact with other yukkuri or people. They can be described as cold. They also rarely, if ever, speak save a few barely-audible words.

They are also very heavy for a yukkuri (the few captured ones are reported to weigh around fifty pounds at the lightest!), yet can move rather quickly if need be. Having a fully encompassing helmet as an accessory (see below) has led some to wonder how this yukkuri eats, drinks, or relieve itself.

They are very powerful fighters, and thanks to their helmets they can withstand a lot of damage and abuse, though they are not to believed to be immortal.

Relationship to other YukkuriEdit

While it would appear Chiefukkuri at least tolerate other yukkuri, they enjoy being alone much more then being with others. Due to this lifestyle, contact between them and other yukkuri is very rare.


  • Much like Ghosts, no one has any clue about what they look like underneath their helmets, let alone relieve themselves. Their helmets are also curious as no one is sure how they formed. While most yukkuri accessories are little bows, hats, and ribbons, the Chiefukkuri has a fully encompassing helmet. Some have theorized that these helmets are a rather odd formed of evolved hat, which slowly began to surround the original yukkuri in order to protect it from harm. That being said, there does not appear to be a way to take said helmet off, which led to others claiming that the helmet is the yukkuri. More research is needed, of course.
  • While it is assumed they are male-like in appearance (thanks to their voice being masculine), no one is quite sure.

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