Yukkuri Miku

Yukkuri Hatsune

Based on
Earphones, Headset Microphone, 2 Hair Bands
Chopped Leek, Chopped Bacon and Chopped Hotdog, and on some occasions both.
Special Abilities
Singing, Using a leek as a sword
Ultra-Rare, originally thought to be Unique


The highly rare Yukkuri Miku, or Mikkuri, based upon Miku of Vocaloid fame.


A Miku and Reimu.


Mikkuri are usually very cheerful and energetic. Like most yukkuri, Mikkuris also like to take it easy. Unlike others, these yukkuri will sing to persuade one to take it easy. These yukkuri also have a dark side to them; Mikkuris can become very violent and will use their leeks (if they have them) as a weapon. If ignored, these yukkuri will sing at the top of their lungs until acknowledged. It should be noted that Mikus have decent singing, enough to get the real Miku to care for them.


A Miku.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

They are known to be acquainted with Yuakus, though Yuakus are apparently jealous of what a Mikkuri can do. 

No other relations have been confirmed.


This yukkuri appeared for first time around November 2008 in a Nico Nico MAD featuring Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku called "Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne!"[1] In this video, Yukkuri Miku is the size of a beach ball and is capable of floating to reach a microphone on a stand. Perhaps because of the mic stands, the original Yukkuri Miku lacks a headset microphone.


  1. The Sankaku Complex blog entry announcing this video.

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