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Yukkuri Minoriko


Based on
Hat with grapes on it.
Sweet Potato
Special Abilities
High reproductive abilities
Prolific During Certain Months


Yukkuri Minoriko are odd in the fact that their urine is not sugar water,but instead grape wine. When in "season", they are more common than such common types like Reimus and Marisas.


A rather outgoing yukkuri that enjoys planting and growing crops (which puts them in a good relationship with Yukkuri Yuuka). That being said, most people seem to overlook Minorikos and Shizuhas, leading these yukkuri to feel rather depressed.

Though surviving the winter is a challenge for them, like Shizuhas.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit


A Minoriko and Shizuha

They are oddly jealous of more "popular" yukkuris. That being said, they are still well-regarded by other yukkuri and by humans despite being prideful.

Their natural predator are Yukkuri Letty, who hunt them and Shizuhas to near-extinction levels at the beginning of winter.


  • I'm not putting up with being unpopular anymore!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • It was once said that seeing a Yukkuri Minoriko in a sweet potato patch would mean a good harvest.
  • While their Pee pee can be used for wine, most people generally don't like to know how it was produced.

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