Overview Edit

Yukkuri Nanami


Based on
Nanamiya Nanami
No accessory
Cream puff pastry
Special Abilities

== A slow moving, yet Cute looking yukkuri.

Behavior Edit

Found only on Nanamiya Shrine at Shibuya, She can paralize any yukkuris with her cuteness. She is Kind,playful,yet shy Yukkuri. She is very cheerful all the way. She is very friendly and very easy going. And she is a diligent and Generous Yukkuri. Like Yukkuri Patchouli ,She is the weakest species of yukkuri, lacking both strength and stamina. To this end, they have been seen getting violent coughing attacks or vomit from even slightest exercise. When coughing, they make a "mukyu" sound. The body is made of cream puff pastry and sweets  

Relationships to Other Yukkuris Edit

She has many Yukkuri friends

Speech Edit

  • I-Im..Nana..kkuri. (Usually Nanami called her Nanakkuri)
  • I like to help my human sized friend!
  • Take it Easy,pal!

Rumors & Miscellaneous Edit

  • She used to be helping Nanamiya Nanami Do household chores such as cooking,cleaning,etc.
  • She is very loyal to the "Real" Nanami.

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