Yukkuri Nazrin


Chukkuri, Najrin
Based on
Mouse ears. Occasionally has a tail too.
Camembert cheese
Special Abilities
Nosy, invasive.


A yukkuri with mouse-like features and a love for cheese. Known as Chukkuri, they are filled with cheese.

A somewhat common sight in cities and homes, Chukkuri are very effective at invading homes. But just like a real mouse, they can be easily dealt with by glue traps or mouse traps, although more seasoned Chukkuri are known to outsmart said traps.


These yukkuri are strangely good at finding things, and are also well known for stealing shiny objects or anything they find interesting and bringing said items back to their nests. They are also good at escape, so owners should make sure their pet is in a secure cage.

Personality wise, they are noisy, curious, and seem to get annoyed at the mention of anything being "lost". However, they also have the knack of finding lost items with ease, making them rather useful if properly trained.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit


A Yukkuri Chen stalks a Chukkuri.

Chukkuri are generally seen as mates and partners to Shou-types. Given that Shous are clumsy and forgetful, a Nazrin that has mated or paired with a Shou usually does most of the work of gathering food, building nest, etc. In return, a Shou acts as the guardian of the pair and koyukkuri, which is why mated pairs of the two have longer lifespans then most other yukkuri pairs.


A Nazrin showing annoyance at its mate.

Chen and Rin types, mainly due to the cat features these two have, are commonly seen stalking Chukkuri types in a type of "cat-and-mouse" behavior. However, mated pairs of a Chukkuri with a Orin or Chen are not uncommon at all. It would appear that Chukkuri enjoy mating with cat-like yukkuri.

While not direct followers of Byakuren, given Shous relationship with said yukkuri Chukkuris are also seen with Byakuren.


  • Moooouse!
  • Cheese it easy!

Chukkuri becoming excited over cheese.

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Chukkuri can be sometimes shy, though rumors say that when you put cheese near a Chukkuri, it usually reacts by tasting it and quickly taking it to its nest. This can be useful in finding the nest of a particular bothersome Chukkuri.

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