Yukkuri Nue


Nuekkuri, YukkuNue
Based on
Assymetrical red and blue wings (WARNING: Wings are sharp & dangerous), may or may not have small UFO's flying around them.
"Napoleon" astronaut ice cream
Special Abilities
Able to alter appearance, appears wounded to lure potential prey


A newer predatory yukkuri known for shape-shifting and being quite cruel.

A (somewhat fat) Nue.



Mamizou Futatsuiwa and a Yukkuri Nue (or Nue disguising herself as a Yukkuri)

A predatory yukkuri that sneaks into nests of other yukkuri to eat the koyukkuri and yukkuri. Using their ability of shape-shifting, Nues can appear as any yukkuri, which allows them to sneak up on prey with ease and attack. Generally,they go after sleeping yukkuri in order to harvest the accessories and paste cores, which then allow them to sufficiently mimic the yukkuri they attack, and to fool other yukkuri. They are then able to take that yukkuri's place within its family, to breed with its mate, eat its (the original yukkuri's) food and children, etc. Yukkuri Nue can also appear injured in order to deceive would-be attackers.

Behavior wise, they're vicious and cunning. They have recently gained a following by fans of predatory yukkuri due to their violent nature and cunning attacks. Caution must be taken around the wings of a Nue, as it can cut a human's skin,severly injuring it.

Relationships with other YukkuriEdit

They are very unfriendly, save for Kogasa types, who the Nues will happily mate with along with tease, and Murasa types. They are also seen as friends, and rarely mates at times, with Mamizou types. Known for protecting Kogasas and supporting them from the shadows, Nue's act rather clingy to Murasas and if mated, they will never seem to leave the Murasa's side. Compared to a mated Kogasa and Nue pair, in which case the Nue will leave the Kogasa to hunt or protect the nest.

Though these yukkuri wouldn't be guessed to be connected to Byakuren, they have been observed in the "temples" set up by these yukkuri.


A Kogasa and konues.

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