Yukkuri Observer


Based on
Pure arsenic (DO NOT EAT)
Special Abilities
High intelligence, Craftsmanship


Even TribeTwelve gets the Yukkuri treatment.


These rare Yukkkuris are shrouded in mystery, as they are rarely seen and nest in the darkest places. These Yukkuri are silent, sneaky, and they turn up when you least expect them. Mischievous by default, these Yukkuri will steal anything they can grab from homes and place those objects elsewhere in the house. For that reason, they are sometimes kept in homes as pets. These Yukkuri also have impressive intelligence, some of them even being able to answer questions even supercomputers can't answer. They also are excellent at making things, as most of them can build a small Yukkurarium in under a minute. For those reasons, they are looked up at by other Yukkuri and sometimes by humans. Though on occasion, if no one is around, a single Yukkuri Observer will appear. It will then run to the nearest chess set and take all the black rooks before disappearing.

Relationships with other YukkuriEdit

Due to their abilities, Yukkuri will look up upon these Yukkuri and see them as both kind and wise. These Yukkuri will refuse to mate with members of their kind that aren't other Observers, so breeding them is difficult.

Speech Edit

"See me easy?"


"Congrats. NOT. Tricked you!"

"Am I interrupting?"

"What a pity."

"I'm waiting."

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