Yukkuri Orin


Based on
2 bows on head and braids, two cat ears. Sometimes seen with wheelbarrows.
Chocolate Foundue
Special Abilities
Running very fast, burning things, manipulation of zombie fairies, inmunity to radiation.



A Orin pushing around Zombie Fairy Yukkuris

The second cat-like yukkuri, known for its love of heat and hyperactivity.


Rin Yukkuris are very hyperactive, mischievous and of course curious. They also love the taste of roasted yukkuris. They hunt with a group of zombie fairies (or Utsuho-types) and send in a hellfire when the other yukkuris least expect it. When in heat, Rin types are known for raping other yukkuris even when they are mated. Like Chens, they are natural climbers and can easily reach high places with ease.

As mentioned above, while they enjoy eating other yukkuris, they are just as content with eating other sources of food. This makes them omnivores rather than straight out carnivores.

Strangely enough, these yukkuri are seen pushing little wheelbarrows around. Even koyukkuri have mini wheelbarrows that get larger as they age. Yet, the Orins have no issue "losing" the wheelbarrow and apparently can regenerate it or even make it appear at will. What the wheelbarrow actual is, with theories ranging from modified Suiiiis to a part of the yukkuri itself, is currently unknown.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit


A Orin pushing around its Utsuho mate. It's advised to never try to separate the two, as it will lead to death.

Rin Yukkuris often look for Satori-types to play with. They love to barbecue things and will often kill yukkuris to barbecue their insides. More often than not, however, the various yukkuri fillings will just burn. Orins usually gang up on Remilia-types for their meaty insides. This usually leads to problems with Yukkuri Sakuya . So, given this nature, most yukkuri generally don't enjoy associating with Orins.

Rin Yukkuris prefer to mate with either Satori, Utsuho, or Chens. Koishi-Types are excluded for the obvious reason of their being completely insane or just generally hard to find. Rin Yukkuris also find it fun to stalk and chase Mystias and Nazrins, though mated pairs of Orin and Nazrin have been reported.


  • Burn in hell easy!
  • It's time for Super Orinrin Land!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • They’re radiation proof, so they have the choice of mating Utsuho types. They are also used to investigate radiation leaks in nuclear power plants or on nuclear submarines.
  • They swarm haunted areas to eat ghosts. At least that's what some rumors say.
  • If an Orin type has an Utusho type mate, it will fight to death to protect it. If the Orin was to be killed, the attacker will quickly be killed by the Utusho. So it's a good idea to leave these two alone is you happen to cross them.
  • They hang out in volcanoes (they claim) or other hot areas along with other Orin types either to chat or cook their prey together.

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