Yukkuri Parsee


Based on:
Green Poison
Special Abilities:
Inflicting jealousy in others Shooting green lasers from eyes.


A jealous yukkuri that envies everything it doesn't have, including torture and pain.


A jealous Parsee. These yukkuri love getting jealous over anything and everything.


Like Yukkuri Meiling, a Parsee will oddly guard certain objects, such as a rock or a plant, but will be jealous of another yukkuri's said object. It will therefore complain about how its object is worthless while the other yukkuri's object is incredibly amazing, even if what the Parsee has is actually better than the other object.

Parsees are filled with a green-colored poison and, much like Yukkuri Medicine, should not be eaten. Unlike Yukkuri Medicine, however, the poison a Parsee possesses will not kill a human. It will just make them very ill. As a result, owning a Parsee as a pet is perfectly fine.

Parsees have been reported firing green lasers from their eyes, but the actual power of such beams is unknown and, at this time, considered "harmless". Some have theorized that these beams cause others to become jealous though there's little evidence on this.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

While a jealous species, they are seen having a soft-spot for Yukkuri Yuugi, seeing the Yuugis as a powerful mate and protector. However, if more than one Parsee may have eyes for a single Yuugi, fights may break out. Oddly enough, a Parsee will never see another yukkuri's mate in a jealous light but will actually brag about how much better their mate is compared to the others, thus invoking jealousy in that yukkuri. 

However, a mated Parsee will be jealous of everything a Yuugi (or their mate) can do, leading their mates at time to scold or, even rarely, attack the Parsee.

In general, most yukkuri avoid Parsee, viewing them as creepy.


  • Paru Paru
  • Taking it easy everywhere!
  • I'm jealous!

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