Yukkuri Quake Woman

Quake Woman Yukkuri

Yuquake, Tempokuri (when in their Tempo form)
Based on
Green and purple helmet, drill-bit arm
Rocky road ice cream
Special Abilities
Can transform into their Tempo forms and back, can utilize a drill-bit arm from their body


A newly discovered yukkuri, Quake Woman yukkuris are based off of Quake Woman from the Mega Man comics by Archie Comics. Bodied versions wear a simplistic armour design adorned by colors of green, purple and white and a black bodysuit underneath said armour.


Quake Woman yukkuris are usually emotionless at first, but then they'll slowly begin to open up to others and even develop more emotions as time goes on. Also, true to their basis, they have two main fears; being buried alive and (fittingly enough for non-aquatic yukkuris) water.

When threatened, they can use their drill-bit arm to either make small tremors strong enough to knock most predators off of their feet or simply jab it at foes. The drill itself is strong enough to pierce through rocks and even thin sheets of metal, which comes in useful for making burrows, but can be problematic to other people, mainly due to accidental damage within buildings by these yukkuris while they're drilling underground.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Quake Woman yukkuris are more comfortable with Mega Man yukkuris, even mating with them and taking on the role of the mother as well.

Tempo YukkuriEdit

While in their un-armoured form (or "Tempo form" as some people call it), Tempo Yukkuris usually refer to themselves as "Tempo" and are unable to use their drill-bit arm unless they transform into their "Quake Woman" forms. Also, while not transformed, they wear their long hair down. Bodied versions wear deep-green long-sleeved blouses (the blouse being tied together with a purple ribbon) with a matching knee-length skirt, as well as a yellow undershirt and brown shoes.


  • "Quake it easy!" (Usually said while in their "Quake Woman Mode")

Rumours & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Some people have speculated that Quake Woman yukkuris are actually built with robotic parts, though this rumour has yet to be proven.

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