Yukkuri Renna

Yukkuri Shiteitte ne! -take it easy- YUKKURI RENNA

Based on
Fanmade Renna Utaragi
Red headband
Strawberry Ice cream
Special Abilities

Overview   Edit

Yukkuri Renna is based off the Fanmade TOUHOULOID[Touhou vocaloid] Renna Utaragi. this yukkuri is a fanmade so not much was comfirmed yet, in just one hit of water these yukkuri would die and melt.

Behavior Edit

Yukkuri Renna's are tsundere and sad but most likely to hang with her friends all the time when she is really bored.Yukkuri Renna's are fun-loving and cute yukkuris to be around.sometimes Yukkuri Renna's are rude or shithead types at most times.                                                                                       

Relationships with other yukkuri Edit

No relations have been comfirmed yet but said to like Reimus,Marisas,Sanaes,and other touhou yukkuris including vocaloid yukkuri

Phrase Edit

  • Uneasy Shit!
  • Its good to be so cute!
  • easy shitty reimu and marisa!
  • Nhooo help renna mister shitty yukkuri is a rapist!
  • Whatever
  • Fuck off mister!

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