Yukkuri Rensouhou


Rensoukkuri, Rensoukkuri-Chan
Based on
Molten Lead
Special Abilities
Aquatic, Sterile


The common offspring of Shimakaze.


Docile, playful, and adventurous can best describe these little yukkuri. They are born when a Shimakaze gives births to a litter of koyukkuri, where one of these kos happens to be a Rensoukkuri. It's not understood why this is currently. At times, a Rensoukkuri may be born with a small innertube. In which case they are called Rensoukkuri-Chan. However, said innertube can be taken away without the ill effect of accessory loss suffered by other yukkuri. This has given rise to counterfeit Rensoukkuri-Chans, which are harder to spot compared to other rare yukkuri, like aquatic Marsias.

These yukkuri are of course aquatic, need metal and oil to survive, and happen to be sterile. A fact found out after a factory's failed attempt to mass breed Rensokkuri, which itself led to an outrage by Kantai fans.

They are typically found bodied, in which case they are very similar in appearance to the real Rensouhou. As a defensive measure, these yukkuri can fire "shells" of lead at an attacker. While powerful enough to kill an attacking yukkuri and harm a animal, they don't do much to humans. That being said, being hit by this shell feels similar to getting hit by a metal BB at point blank range. Also give that they can fire in salvos is usually enough to drive off most human attackers.

Relationship to other yukkuriEdit

Due to their nature (unlike their mothers), these yukkuri get along well with others. Shimakaze are well known to dot all over their beloved Rensokkuri, so seeing a Rensokkuri in the wild means that its mother is close by.

Despite being sterile, "mature" Rensokkuri are known to "mate" with each other. Though this relationship is not what one would expect to see in a mated yukkuri pair, with a "mated" pair simply being two Rensokkuris that travel around together.

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