Yukkuri Rikako


Based on
A pair of glasses and a small white ribbon
Thermite or sulfuric acid
Special Abilities
High intelligence. Can read/write.
Very Rare

A highly intelligent yukkuri known for its love of science, it is very dangerous to eat due to the contents of it's paste. It is so dangerous that even predators, such as Remilia and Flandre types, avoid it.

It developed several organs inside which does not corrode from the paste. These carry the yukkuri's genetic material and vital functions the yukkuri needs.

These yukkuri are usually seen in laboratories or the Factory providing data for the workers and are rewarded with food and shelter.

Unlike the Mukyus, who are soft and vulnerable, the Yukkurikakos are more durable and can withstand more stress due to their logic-based nature.

Yukkurikakos do not get along with most other yukkuri as it is not a believer in magic.

It is rumored to have a slightly longer lifespan than an average yukkuri (3~4 years at most).

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