Yukkuri Roman


Yukkuroman, Torchkkuri
Based on
Roman Torchwick
Bowler Hat w/feather
Special Abilities
can fake its death, and fire short bursts of gunpowder in defense

Overview Edit

This yukkuri is a rare case, it's male, for one, and seems to be based on notorious Remnant criminal Roman Torchwick

Behavior Edit

Torchkkuri tend to be lone wolves, often accompanied by its mate (frequently a Yukkuri Cinder), they'll act aggressively and predatorial towards other Yukkuromans. this has caused to Yukkuroman owners to rig fights between them, which have turned into quite the spectacle, Yukkuromans will often attack those who have a valuable "mister treasure", especially Yukkuri Rinnosuke. They mercilessly attack garbage bins in search of treasure, and using their abilities, they fend back those who they consider threats.

.Despite being so agressive, Yukkuromans are utterly afraid of birds, and will run away in the sight of one, the braver Torchkkuri will use their "blasts" to fend them off, but most Romans are not as eager to fight against birds

Abilities Edit

Yukkuri Roman's most interesting ability is that, due to its filling being gunpowder, it can release some in what it's called "Bursts", Yukkuromans use their "Bursts" on multiple ways, these range from offensive ways (using the explosion as a mean of defense to hurt, or kill, its prey), mobile ways (to propel themselves and escape from an area), and even on mating ways (Yukkuroman's love ritual seems to be based on who shoots its "Burst" farther), asides that, they can fake their death, which allows them to escape from really narrow situations, they especially use it to get away from their biggest predator: birds

Relationship with other Yukkuri Edit

it's most common mate choice is a Yukkuri Cinder that's willing to back him up on mischief and crime. but some Romans prefer the company of Marisas, or Nazrins, in order to find treasure faster, and quicker, there's also the breed of Romans that like the company of Yukkuri Rinnosukes, and use them as tools to gather treasure quickly, as you can see, Torchkkuris love treasure

Speech Edit

  • Steal it easy!
  • I steal! (as it steals treasure)
  • I cheat! (after a succesful feign death)
  • I lie! (after having framed someone)
  • I survive! (if they somehow survive the clutch of a bird)
  • Little Red! (the despective way he refers to do-good Yukkuris)

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