Yukkuri Sagume


Yugume, Yusagume
Based on
Sagume Kishin
A single wing
Cookies and cream
Special Abilities
Can invert situations with their words


A new yukkuri known to reverse any situations with their words, thus always saying the opposite of what they want.


A quiet yukkuri Sagume, trying not to speak possibly due to their abilities.


In the wild, most yukkuris avoid them because their abilities are so powerful, if threatened, they can harm, or even kill any opponents. They have a high survival rate because of that, and can turn into pests in domestic areas if they aren't culled regularly. In the pet trade, Sagume owners try to force these yukkuris to say the opposite of what they want to achieve their desires. However, Sagume owners sometimes forget that opposite situations happen when a yukkuri Sagume speaks, leaving them unhappy or unsatisfied. Sometimes Sagume owners get killed depending on their mistakes. Caution must be taken when forcing these yukkuris to speak.

Relationship with other yukkurisEdit

Because of their abilities, these yukkuris are often feared and avoided. For some reason, Seirans and Ringos are an exception; both of these yukkuris are usually unafraid when encountering a Sagume. They are also sometimes found befriending Seijas as both Seijas and Sagumes have similar traits (except Sagumes have a powerful ability to reverse fate, and Seijas reverse whatever the orders they are asked to do). However, it is extremely rare to see them mating with any yukkuris other than its own kind, as other yukkuris usually leave them alone. There has been one recorded instance of a Sagume mating with a Seija, but it may just be a rumour.

Speech Edit

  • "Take it difficult, yu!"
  • "..."
  • "Take it quietly!"

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