Yukkuri Sara

Yukkuri sara

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Special Abilities
'Guards' anything, even if it isn't their thing.
Very Rare


Yukkuri Sara are a rare Yukkuri, they will usually wander for awhile before finding an entrance to something, at which point they "guard" it.


Sara Yukkuri will "guard" the entrance to any sort of structure, from caves to houses. It will claim it as "Sara Yu's entrance!". This can get very annoying as they always try to stop things from getting through, even if its just a leaf. They are much more effective, however, then other guarding yukkuri.

When multiple Saras are guarding the same thing, they form a sort of "Yukkuri Wall". Sometimes these Sara packs will have several Saras blocking a yukkuri from leaving its nest, letting the rest of the Saras enter the nest and either kick the current residents out or kill and eat them. Luckily for the yukkuri, it's usually the former.

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit

Sara Yukkuri are annoying to other yukkuri, the one main reason being that they will 'guard' the entrance to another yukkuri's nest. The owner of said nest will not be allowed in, or if they're already inside the nest, out.

However, other Sara yukkuri, Shinki Yukkuri and Yumeko Yukkuri are usually allowed to pass things guarded by Sara Yukkuris. Saras find Luize Yukkuri frustrating to deal with and usually can't stop them from passing.


  • Don't enter!
  • Pass! (Only to other Saras, Shinkis and Yumekos.)

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • They have been reported to fight over something to guard.
  • Various sightings of Saras helping Elly Yukkuris guard Yuuka Yukkuri's gardens have been reported.

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