Yukkuri Sariel

Yukkuri Sariel

Sakkuri, Yukkuriel
Based on
None, but does have six white feathered wings
Angel Food Cake
Special Abilities
Capable of flight, can summon many disembodied hands from an inferno, incredible unstable and volatile when defeated


One of the oldest known species of Yukkuri. Only two unique specimens of Sakkuri have been sighted, the most recent sighting being over 4 years ago. Because of this, these mysterious creatures are almost definitely extinct.


According to rumors and legends, the Sariel Yukkuri is incredibly powerful, destructive, and unpredictable, often destroying large structures and/or causing massacres among both humans and yukkuri at absolute random. However, aside from one isolated incident of a speculated Sakkuri destroying a shrine many years ago, there's no evidence ot back this up. In recent times there have been no reports of a Sariel Yukkuri attacking someone- human or otherwise- due to the fact that they are extinct.*

In terms of mating, there have been no sightings of a Sakkuri mating or otherwise reproducing, so it's hypothesized that they once either mated with each other, reproduced asexually, or did not reproduce at all.

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit

From what is currently known about the Sakkuri, they appeared to be extremely antisocial, only interacting with others violently. Since there are only two confirmed sightings of different Sakkuris, it's speculated that they do not interact with each other, and if they did then it would've likely resulted in a violent confrontation.


  • "Enjoy yu death!"

Rumors and MiscellaneousEdit

  • Due to the fact that this particular type of Yukkuri is based on an angel (albeit fallen), it's rumored that the Sariel Yukkuri is immortal, hence why we cannot say it is fully extinct due to the fact that there may be some that are still alive. However, until more study on the Sakkuri is conducted, nothing is certain.
  • The only recorded Sariel Yukkuri attack was towards a rare purple-haired variant of the Reimu Yukkuri, in which the latter was victorious. It is unknown whether or not either of the two are still alive at this point in time,

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